This project started with a need for a simple gui to use over sshfs and it has been growing more and more for each user request. It is now out in release number 8 and can be compiled on many arch. It is released as binary for some platforms and others will follow if needed. In the beginning, the system was platform independent. Due to the user's wishes and system task, it has been growing more and more to nix dependency. It is probably able to run under Windows with some small modifications as well. Reason being is that the server and the client uses some inbuilt nix commands (such as generating the m5 hashes for passwords and so on... and updating the user's account as wished...). However if the system you are running on is Windows and your server is nix, you will probably be able to use everything else without modification (haven`t ever tried it, so cant say for sure).

The software is released under GPL and there is absolutely no warranty for any damage you do to your system with this tool. I try to keep it as secure and simple as possible.