Server side files :

hash : used by to get its m5 hashes from, while setting user password. need to be writable from admin user that is supposed to be able to set users password

user.tmp : used to store user name to set temporary password until password set, then overwritten by (meaning and admin user need access)

label.def optional. can also be stored at client, depending on client config, recommand it to be stored at server and read only.

p.doing : need to be writable for any user that is supposed to be able to execute scripts from gui, run.dmnd need to have write access to this file.

run.dmnd :  the heart of the server. this service has to be running for any remote command to be able to be executed, the file will put out info from scripts that are ran and a status of its situation at all time... is recommended to trunk to logile or /dev/null
the access level of the command that runs this deamon decide how much power the gui has in your system.. meaning wich kind of task it can preform. : setting the password for a user and gets called from run.dmnd (this file is optional and only needed for admin task, it's a binary file... but source is supplied of course).

smarthealt.logfile : used to display status in gui from f.ex smarthealt telling you when it was ran last and what's your system status... typical disk info and health of drives... it`s needed on the system since the gui expects to read it.. it can be read only for gui users.

.do : telling system situation at that time to gui. need to be rw for users that are supposed to be able to execute scripts.

.con : this file is old heritage from an older version... it basically is used for your system to say that it is connected. it needs to be readable for gui users.

.doing : needs to be rwx by run.dmnd.

.status : gui status information, every line hase its own information. it shows the users depending on server's status... line "0" is system ready... then line "1" is what you want the user to see while script .1 is executed and so on.

disk.status : gives you disk status (disk status tote for gui users). needs to be readable for gui users... but needs to be writable for run.dmnd

 .0 : needs to be rx by run.dmnd. this points to what script to run on line "0" and the next 2 lines is mandatory only to give the run.dmnd and the gui info about when it`s done executing command. 

 .1 : same as the one above... just running command buttom number (2) on gui (if first one is counted as (1)

 .2 : see above

 .3 see above

 .4 see above

 .5 see above

 .6 see above

 .7 see above